Affordable Furniture in Hong Kong

Affordable Furniture in Hong Kong

In a town where rental fees are among the highest in the world it is no surprising the cost of retail products are increased to counterbalance the overheads the shop owners/companies have. And the furniture retail shops are no exception.

But not all of the expats and locals in town have a budget to shop at the furniture shops which showcase the modern and contemporary design we would like.

One option; if you have the time and like an adventure is to head up to China. This is worth the trip if you are looking to furnish your whole home. If you are non-mandarin speaker, I would recommend you plan your trip in advance and have the locations you plan to visit written down in Chinese, even better if you can bring a friend along that can speak mandarin. You will have to be patient with the taxi drivers as a lot of them are not native to the towns and may not be familiar with all the area’s you plan to visit.

Another option and a favoured option by most is the online retailers available. Minimising the overheads by not having a brick and mortar store the online retailers are able to pass on a savings to the customers. In some cases you may find the same/similar designs you had seen in the retail shops for a fraction of the price and often you can custom finish the furniture with your preferred colour. This can be done during your lunch break, saving you the hassle of searching through different stores in different neighbourhoods.

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