Build your own furniture line

It’s what many in the design industry aspire to, whatever their ability or experience, to design, build and bring to the market a new furniture design. 

It begins with an idea. In some industries a product is developed to solve a problem, while some designers prefer to consider unique designs concepts and use of different materials. 

Assuming you're not a furniture designer or builder and you cannot produce detailed drawings, it is a good idea to keep log of the styles you wish to incorporate in the finished product including materials, colours, practicality and any other information related to the new design. This can be derived from images in magazines, websites or photographs. Attempt to follow this up with a simple dimensional sketches. The idea might be clear in your head but always attempt to transcribe onto paper.

Once you have a fairly solid idea but need some advice, the next step is to discuss with a professional furniture builder who can offer advice and guidance. The original material you want to use might be more expensive than you thought or the design may have to be modified for structural integrity. A good bespoke furniture company should be able to advise you. At this stage you can also get an idea of cost for a prototype and for larger quantities. 

The next step would be to fully design and build a prototype. To save on design costs a furniture company might offer this as a free service incorporated into building the prototype. The furniture builder will be able to assist with sourcing the materials, offering a turnkey solution for the project.

If the prototype functionality performs as anticipated and has the saleable ergonomics, the next stage could be to bring the product to market. This may be through self investment or with the assistance of third party investors and promoters.

If you need advice on designing and building a new or unique piece of furniture contact DSL Furniture, they will be happy to offer any advice needed. Their Custom Furniture Service will offer a turnkey solutions for your new projects.