Creating Storage Space at Home

Creating Storage Space at Home

It's a mystery - why there is no built in storage space in Hong Kong homes, whether you have ample room in a 2000 sq ft apartment or you are fighting for storage space like the majority of us in our boxy apartments.

Well I can’t answer the reason why they don't design with storage in mind, but I can give you some solutions to make the most out of the living area you do have. Making the best use of the space and creating furniture in your home so that the new storage areas are created without taking up additional room, and designing furniture with dual purposes in mind.


A bed can be designed to hold a lot of storage, using the base/platform with optional accessibility including a hydraulic lift or drawers access on the side of a bed. This can be designed to suit your needs, for bulkier items like suitcases the hydraulic lift will come in very handy giving you large open storage space. For additional clothing and items that you want organised, having drawers built under the bed is useful and easily accessible.


Like the bed, sofas are often built with a lot of empty space in the frame work. This space can be customised to give you access to a lot of available storage,  from shelving built into the arm rests to pull out drawers, or with some hidden access panels to access the storage under the cushions.


Around the home

Being creative with furniture so that they have dual purposes is always fun.
A fold away tables, doubling up as a piece of art work or mirror.

Need additional seating occasionally?
Incorporate them into your coffee table


A lot of jewellery, but not enough space to store them?
Turn your mirror frame into a handy cabinet with organised layout.


I'm not sure about you but a lot of my friends like shoes. While you probably don't want to hide these under your sofa or bed a cabinet designed to store the shoes on an angle is the best space saver. These cabinets can be double up as shelving, seating or double up as a mirror.

If you are remodelling your bathroom don't let all that valuable space around the tub go to waste, this secret space saver is a great place to store all the cleaning products.


Start being creative at home and start create furniture to fit, for more details about creating your custom furniture click here.

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