Decorate your home in a loft style


The idea of LOFT living originated in the 20th century. A few New York based artists and designers utilised abandoned industrial warehouses and buildings to create a space for their homes or working studios.  Using furniture and home decoration, an old large space can magically turns into a couple of different 'rooms' for different functions. Living room, bedroom, social space, entertaining room, storage space, they are all seen in the same space yet you won’t feel everything is cluttered. Instead, you feel spacious, fresh air and freedom inside. 


Of course this is all this down to your creativity and imagination. By using custom furniture, your LOFT can be whatever you like it to be. The common custom furniture used in the LOFT are sofa, dining table. stairs design, and bed. Custom artwork and paintings can also play a major role to create the a unique space. 



Bring your design ideas to life with DSL custom furniture. Create the sofa that fits perfectly into your living room, the bed with the additional storage space you need.
Create the loft style furniture you've always wanted!

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