Hong Kong Bespoke Furniture

Hong Kong Bespoke Furniture

In a city where a square foot in your home is very valuable it is important to make the most of what you have. As well as creating space saving furniture and furniture that fits perfectly to the dimension of you home, you are able to create a one-off custom design that no one else will have. With influences from famous bed designs to childhood chairs or a fusion of designs you have seen in a magazines, it’s your chance to be creative and create the one-off unique piece of furniture. 

It may sound a little daunting but the process is a lot easier than you think. You don't need to have a detailed design drawn up. The process can be started easily with a few dimension and a rough sketch or photo for guidance. The professional will take care of the rest and will advise on the features and materials available to you. Once the professional has all the information needed he can provide the necessary feedback along with a quote, and before any fabrication work starts a detailed drawing should be provided noting all the dimensions and features of the furniture for you to confirm. Only then the fabrication work will start.

Simple right?

So what are the pro’s and cons


  • Furniture that will fit perfectly into you home
  • A truly custom design
  • Built using material you want
  • More affordable compared to the bigger named designer outlets
  • Satisfaction with your furniture 
  • Comfort at home


  • It will usually take a few weeks to make 
  • More expensive than pre designed or mass-produced furniture in a local HK stores (Ikea)

I couldn't think of too many con’s.

There is a lot of satisfaction when you create a new piece of furniture. Once you have created your first piece you'll want to create more, and it will be your first choice next time you are looking for a piece of furniture at home.

For more information on creating bespoke furniture  check out the DSL Custom Furniture Service today.

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