Living in Hong Kong - Custom Furniture

Living in Hong Kong - Custom Furniture

Expat story:

Living in Hong Kong for expats can be interesting at the same time challenging. The fast pace of daily life and limited space in every corner around the city sometime does give people a headache. Here is a story of an expat that had just moved to HK: 

‘' I’m so excited I've touched down in up tempo Hong Kong. The company has put me up in a nice, conveniently located service apartment. I’ve enjoyed a few nights out on the town and everything is going well. I’ve got two weeks left in the service apartment and start looking for an apartment to rent. After the first week of looking I realised I’ll have to increase my budget. At the end of week two, and just in time, I’ve found the apartment that fits (I’ve made fit). 

Now I need furniture. Where do i go?

Let’s see, due to the limited space I can’t get the king size bed I had in my home town. In-fact where am I going to store half of my belongings. Space is limited and rooms are irregular. Everyone seems to talk about Horizon plaza, let’s go and have a look, I hear its a big place, I should be able to grab everything I need, right?  I just don’t want it to look like my Ikea student apartment.

''Ow nice big bed, what’s the price? ‘’  ‘'Ow gulp. I’ll wait for my bonus''

''Do you make that sofa in a smaller size?’’  ''Only one size available’’  ''huh, that's too big''

After a day of shopping I came away with some good ideas for my next apartment when I have double the square footage and my salary/budget increases. 

Ok what next…… There must be a solution, there must be a bunch of expats in similar situations. WAIT WHAT, custom furniture? Thats got to be expensive right?

It hadn’t crossed my mind, but after a little research, I found out I can have custom built furniture. What a great alternative to buying from an over priced furniture store in Hong Kong, and I can have the design I want, built to fit, and even incorporate some addition storage space into the design. So now I have maximised the space in my apartment, I have some hidden storage built into my bed, I have a sofa that fits perfectly. I’ve even had a painting painted to fit to the dimensions I wanted. All at fabulous and affordable prices. 

Custom furniture in Hong kong, it’s the way to go!’’

Start being creative at home and start create furniture to fit, for more details about creating your custom furniture click here.

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