Modern Home Furniture

  1. Decorate your home in a loft style

    Decorate your home in a loft style

    The idea of LOFT living originated in the 20th century. A few New York based artists and designers utilised abandoned industrial warehouses and buildings to create a space for their homes or working studios. Using furniture and home decoration, an old large space can magically turns into a couple of different 'rooms' for different functions. Living room, bedroom, social space, entertaining room, storage space, they are all seen in the same space yet you won’t feel everything is cluttered. Instead, you feel spacious, fresh air and freedom inside.

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  2. Creating Storage Space at Home

    It's a mystery - why there is no built in storage space in Hong Kong homes, whether you have ample room in a 2000 sq ft apartment or you are fighting for storage space like the majority of us in our boxy apartments.

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  3. Build your own furniture line

    Build your own furniture line

    It’s what many in the design industry aspire to, whatever their ability or experience, to design, build and bring to the market a new furniture design.

    It begins with an idea. In some industries a product is developed to solve a problem, while some designers prefer to consider unique designs concepts and use of different materials.

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