Sofa shopping - Hong Kong

 Sofa shopping - Hong Kong

Selecting the the best sofa for a project can be time consuming. Finding a design that fits nicely along with your existing living room furniture with suitable cushioning (high density foam or feather and doll cotton or a combination of the two), the right colour and a quality fabric or leather finish. There are a lot of options to consider but the toughest mission is to find the sofa that fits our budget.

If you are shopping in Hong Kong allow plenty of time, the furniture shops are located on the south of HK Island, in the New Territories not far from the China border and many other suburbs around Hong Kong. It could take you several day trips to find a design that you like and then comparing with other retailers.

My sofa shopping tips

  • Be prepared. Know the size of your living room and the size allowances of the sofa for a good fit.
  • Check out some existing designs online, get an idea of the style you are looking for.
  • Know your colours, take into account the existing furniture in the living room and the decor.
  • Check some review of the retailer. There are two markets in Hong Kong, suppliers that provide furniture that meets the standards of the western market and other lower quality, costs effective options.

After doing some research on the stye of sofa best suited for your project, its time to go shopping. Plan ahead to make the most of your time.

  • Do some online searches, find stores that display their products online so you know the style of sofas they sell.
  • Check the pricing online so you can get a good idea of your budget.

If the last thing you want to do on your day off is furniture shopping, consider buying online. This can be a time saving and more cost effective way of shopping. Online retailers have minimal overheads and can pass on a bigger savings to the customer while providing you with a high quality product. If you need assistance from the retailer, contact them for advice on selecting the best sofa for your project.

If you need any assistance with selecting furniture for your project contact DSL Furniture.

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