1. Choosing the Right Furniture for Your House in Hong Kong

    Choosing the Right Furniture for Your House in Hong Kong

    Buying or renting a house in a city is the first step in turning it into a home, especially when you buy it in a bustling metropolis like Hong Kong. Getting Furniture for your new home is the next step. However, many home owners tend to make a very big mistake when it comes to this part. They tend to buy the furniture based on their needs and fancies, not for the house.

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  2. Affordable Furniture in Hong Kong

    Affordable Furniture in Hong Kong

    In a town where rental fees are among the highest in the world it is no surprising the cost of retail products are increased to counterbalance the overheads the shop owners/companies have. And the furniture retail shops are no exception.

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  3. Hong Kong Bespoke Furniture

    Hong Kong Bespoke Furniture

    In a city where a square foot in your home is very valuable it is important to make the most of what you have. As well as creating space saving furniture and furniture that fits perfectly to the dimension of you home, you are able to create a one-off custom design that no one else will have. With influences from famous bed designs to childhood chairs or a fusion of designs you have seen in a magazines, it’s your chance to be creative and create the one-off unique piece of furniture.

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