Custom Furniture

If you are looking to invest more to make a special one of a kind piece of furniture, the custom furniture service could be a perfect solution.

Whether you are a designer, architect or homeowner, the DSL custom furniture team can offer the perfect tailor-made furniture for all rooms and projects. Every piece of furniture is designed and custom-built to our client's specification, handcrafted and finished with quality materials and craftsmanship.

You don’t have to be a furniture designer to work with us. All we need is a simple sketch with measurements, noting some detail about the material you want to use or send us a design you may have seen in a magazine that you want custom-built to fit your home. We can modify existing designs or create totally unique one-off pieces.

Contact us today and start creating!

custom made dining furniture
custom made bedroom furniture


Our team of 100+ craftsmen can create custom furniture for any living space

If you are looking to create a custom - sofas, beds, coffee table, dining furniture, wardrobes, office furniture, desks, outdoor furniture, TV units, bench or something totally new we can help. With a variety of material at our disposal including: Woods, Fibreglass, Leather, Lacquer, Wool, Sponge, Glass, Fabric and Stainless Steel, there are no limits to your design.

Supplying Hong Kong and the international community. We work hand in hand with home owners, designers and architects, creating custom designs for the Home, Office, Restaurant, Bar or Hotel.

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How do we order

1. Email us with your project info and delivery address
2. The DSL team will get back to you with a quotation
3. On your confirmation we will provide detail drawings of the design ready for your approval.
4. On your approval we will start fabricating the design

Phone:+852 8191 3885

For additional information regarding the custom furniture, check the pages below:
Custom furniture FAQ

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