Custom Furniture FAQ

How Do I order?

Send us an email noting some details about the furniture you’d like to build, for example:

  • Dimensions including Length width & height
  • Materials e.g: Wood, metal, leather, glass or fabric
  • A sketch or photo

How long does it take to order?

  1. We can send out a quote in 2 - 3 days after receiving the details.
  2. On your confirmation we will prepare some detailed drawings for your confirmation. Depending on the size of the order it will take 3 - 7 days.
  3. On confirmation of the design, will take about 3-4 weeks to fabricate.
  4. On completion we will co-ordinate with a delivery company to deliver the products.

What is the cost of a custom furniture?

Custom one off pieces of furniture are built to order following the customer specifications and in some cases, the material is sourced specifically for the project. In comparison to the existing designs listed on the DSL website where the furniture is built following existing designs and pre-prepared moulds where we can pass on a saving. Labour time can be significantly more, speciality material purchased in smaller quantities will be higher for custom one off designs, compared to that of the existing designs listed on the DSL website.

Is my order too small?

We do focus on larger household items rather than smaller fixtures or decorative items. For small furniture items we can check with our supplier to see if they have something suitable already available.

How much is delivery?

We have partnered up with a local distribution company that offers great rates on delivering furniture, the prices will vary depending on location and amount of furniture required to move. Contact DSL for more information.
Delivery details

Can you deliver internationally?

Yes, we collaborate with logistics companies that can assist with shipping internationally, contact us for more details.

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