Delivery Details

DSL is not a delivery company but can coordinate the delivery of any furniture on behalf of the customers to all locations. Or customers can arrange the delivery privately.

Typical delivery service to Hong Kong includes a door to door service where the use of the elevator and free parking in front of the building is expected.

Additional fees will be applied if:

  • The delivery company has to carry any order any unexpected distances to the building entry
  • Carrying any staircases
  • Additional protection when carrying staircases
  • Unpacking
  • Parking costs
  • Storing of furniture
  • Any other additional services requested

Other delivery services are also available where the order is delivered to the ground floor only. Please refer to your invoice.

With prior notice only, the delivery company or other 3rd parties can be coordinate to assist with carrying orders up any staircases. Additional protection may be needed and quoted accordingly.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the elevator is big enough for the orders being received. If an order can not fit into the elevator, the customer can negotiate directly with the delivery company for additional assistance.

The delivery service does not include unpacking or assembly of the furniture, but this can be arranged at your request with prior notice.

On some occasions, the delivery guys are unable to dispose of the packing material.

On receipt or signing off on the order, you are confirming the order arrived successfully with no damage. It is the customer's responsibility to check the order on its arrival. The delivery company are not responsible for waiting for any periods of time after their work has been completed.

DSL Furniture is not responsible for the performance of any 3rd party delivery company and has no responsibility to cover any shipping cost if additional delivery services are requested/needed.

The delivery companies do not provide insurance. If you would like insurance coverage for the delivery please arrange privately.

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